Laura Bean (azure_dragon) wrote in uk_weddings,
Laura Bean

A small squee and a question

Yesterday I got back from work to find a letter from Cloud Nine Birdal to say my dress was ready to be collected! I was expecting it in in December, so a month early was a nice surprise! I have to wait a whole weekend tyo pick it up though, since it's going to go to my Nan's house (she has giant wardrobes, and is currently storing my mum's, aunt's, and cousin's dresses!) rather than here where my finace might catch a glimpse of it (his fear, not mine). I'm really excited, not least because I finally get to take some photos of me in it since the shop had the stupid 'no photos' policy that shops in this country seem to have.

Also, does anyone else read Black Meringue and is mildly concerned about the lack of a new issue? It's the most awesome alternative wedding magazine, and only out quarterly. The website has been promising a new issue in October since mid September, but so far I've seen no sight of it. I pop into WHSmiths occassionally, but still no luck. I miss my kinky corset-filled wedding pr0n. :(

EDIT: Just checked the Black Meringue website - it's out on the 14th November! Huzzah!
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