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Some DIY stationery recommendations

For the past few months I've been gathering supplies to make my own invites and other stationery. When I started out I knew nothing about card-making or scrapbooking or anything, apart from that I had an aunt who was into it and would probably help me out! Having done a rather extensive amount of research into suppliers I finally have a list of really useful websites and companies, some of which I can personally recommend as I have ordered from them. I figured I'd share to help anyone else who might be looking for similar supplies!

Those I've done business with. - These guys came up in searches again and again for paper and card supplies. They have a very well-designed website, a good range of card, paper and embellishments, are reasonably-priced and delivery VERY quickly. - Essentially a wholesaler/catalogue shop. When you register with them you'll get a store card but provided you pay the invoice as soon as they send it (a few days after my purchase, in my case) then you don't get charged. The interest rates are pretty hefty for failure to pay balance though. I'm also getting clothing catalogues through my door from their parents company, JD Williams. :/ That said I found some brilliant paper at an excellent price! - Envelopes in every colour, design and size imaginable! I got 100 C6 bright purple envelopes for 8p each, when Paperchase was charging 46p each! Highly recommended. - Ebay seller. Good range of wedding stationary in more traditional colours - white and ivory and gold etc. But really good quality and vey reasonably priced. She will do custom orders as well - I got 80 cards without any envelopes. - Ribbon wholesaler based in Ireland. Very nice ribbon, would be better value if the € wasn't so strong! Still good price.

Here are some I've bookmarked but didn't order from. - all the supplies for making fairly traditional wedding invites - Lots of crafting and paper supplies including wedding-specific - Lots of funky coloured paper - Does what it says on the tin. :) - More paper and card - Loads of paper, card and decorations - More scrapbooking than papercraft but still a good range - As above - Lots of card and paper etc. - Again more for scrapbooking - Some nice funky paper and in packs. - Some really nice embelishments. I loved their paper flower packs!

I can't vouch for any of the above but they all seem pretty decent shops. Hope this is helpful to some of you!
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