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Post-wedding vendor review

I'm going to post a big ol' photo post here and over at weddingplans once I have some more photos back, but for now I thought I'd do a vendor review since I think they can be very helpful and there aren't enough UK ones! My wedding was in and around the Salisbury area, with vendors mostly in the Salisbury, Bournemouth and Southampton region.

Cloud Nine Bridal - A+
These guys were GREAT. They were the cheapest place I could find my Alfred Angelo dress (about £70 cheaper than a Salisbury shop I first saw the dress in!) but the service was fantastic. A huge range of dresses, a lovely shop, attentive assistants, good value for money. I just wish they'd been a bit closer to home, but it was worth the longish car journey for my fittings.

Moss Bros hire - C
I wish I could say the same for the mens suits. We wanted a national company since we had best men and dads coming from Cardiff, Gloucester, London and Southampton and fittings needed to be done locally. There were several hiccups along the way, from the wrong colour cravats, the groom having NO cravat (he only found out on the morning of the wedding!), to one of the dads having thw wrong jacket altogether! The service was variable - some members of staff (usually those of the older, female variety) were great; others (*coughteenageboyscough*) seemed hopeless. All was well on the day but I wasn't confident in them at all.

Larmer Tree Gardens - A++
Our evening reception venue. BRILLIANT. Above and beyond. It wasn't a cheap venue by any means, but we saved by having a Friday wedding and compared to many hotels and stately homes it was a lot less costly. It came with a wedding coordinator who was just fantastic! She smoothed everything out, offered suggestions without taking away the fun of planning, and made the evening just magical. Completely, totally, without question the right decision to have our evening do there.

Cred Jewllery - A
Our wedding rings suppliers, dealing in fair trade ethical gold and diamonds. They made us beautiful rings at prices remarkably competitive compared to 'standard' goldsmiths.

The Wedding Bug (car hire) - A+
Our VW Beetle and Camper van were a huge hit, tremendous fun, beautiful and full of character! Plus they turned up at out hotel an hour early which was great because it was one less thing to worry about!

David Bampton (photographer) - A
I haven't had the images back yet, but I've seen his galleries and he did an engagement shoot for us so I have no worries. He was very professional and had lots of tricks to make people laugh in photos. He didn't seem to stop running round catching shots of the little details.

My Little Devils (bouncy castle) - A
What more can I say other than they turned up on time with a clean, fully working boucny castle that proved a huge hit with the adults as much as the kids. :)

All The Kit (disco lighting hire) - A
Again, nice friendly company who were very helpful and reasonably priced. No problems!

Hope that's helpful to someone! :D
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