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Invites and craft supplies

Yesterday I posted this post on weddingplans. I was rather shocked at the very negative response I received regarding my home-made invitations having 'Wedding Invitation' printed on the front, until someone pointed out that US invites don't normally include this, whereas UK ones usually do.

So a couple of questions; Firstly, was anyone aware of this? I'm thrown into all sorts of confusion as to whether I should include any wording on the front, which isn't something I'd even thought about before now! I don't really like the idea of writing 'Love' or our names or 'Unity' or anything like that; it just seems cheesy! I guess I want a more British point of view on this topic. :)

Also, I'm struggling to find craft supplies online. I managed to find a few outlets selling the Mulberry paper (the slightly fuzzy-edges stuff) and the plain pearly A6 cards, but dark purple paper and paper flowers seem harder to come buy. Can anyone recommend a few good online paper craft retailers please? :)


EDIT: I found this paper online and may be changing my whole invite design based upon its pure distilled awesomeness! Watch this space. ^_^
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My home made invites said "Invitation" or "Evening Invitation" on the front. I actually don't see why they all thought it was such a big deal to put "Wedding Invitation" on the front. Yes, it may be obvious what it is once you open it, but it's obvious that fresh coffee is frickin' hot, and they still put "contents may be hot" on the side of their coffee cups... /rant :P
I was a little shocked too! Maybe it's a determination of crafty brides to deviate as much as possible from corporate mass-produced Wal Mart-esque wedding products. I can see how being surrounded by that would make you want to make less obviously weddingy stationary. ^_^
I read your post over there and was shocked at how negative people were about the text too! I forget sometimes how US-centric that community is. I don't think anyone over here would bat an eyelid at you putting 'Wedding Invitation'. Although if it were me I might put just 'Wedding' or just 'Invitation' to keep it simpler. At the end of the day though, go for whatever you think works best :-)
To be perfectly honest I have no strong feelings towards or against text on the front of a card, but I was shocked with the reaction in that community! It's good to know it's a US thing and not just me doing something 'tacky'. Oh noes the T word!! :P
Gosh, that was negative!

I'm sure something like 'invitation' would be sufficient.
I haven't seen your post yet (working my f-list back the way) but I don't see the problem with writing wedding invitation on the front of a wedding invite! American etiquette is bizarre and I'd just do your own thing. I'm putting save the dates in my xmas cards (oh the horror)!

If you're looking for somewhere to get paper can I recommended Daintree paper (they are based in Edinburgh but I'm sure they can send stuff to you. They are really lovely and have some gorgeous stuff:

I got my invites there.

In future might be worth mentioning your from the UK in WP posts. They tend to go a bit easier on you then.
Thanks for the link! Daintree was one of the site's I'd come across, but it's good to have a recommendation for it! I'll have a more thorogh browse now. :O
woah, just got to your post on my f-list. The US-centric thing really really irks me sometimes, but what can you do?

All the wedding invitations I've received have said "wedding invitation" on them. But really, do whatever you want.

I shall add comments about the invites to your other post...
I knew, but only because I'm American.

I think the place I got our paper bits from was called craft creations. You could read the catalog online in pdf or get a paper one sent.
Thanks for the link! It's not working at the work computers but that's probably because the network is running at a crawl during lunchtime! I'll check it out when I get home. :)