Laura Bean (azure_dragon) wrote in uk_weddings,
Laura Bean

Invites and craft supplies

Yesterday I posted this post on weddingplans. I was rather shocked at the very negative response I received regarding my home-made invitations having 'Wedding Invitation' printed on the front, until someone pointed out that US invites don't normally include this, whereas UK ones usually do.

So a couple of questions; Firstly, was anyone aware of this? I'm thrown into all sorts of confusion as to whether I should include any wording on the front, which isn't something I'd even thought about before now! I don't really like the idea of writing 'Love' or our names or 'Unity' or anything like that; it just seems cheesy! I guess I want a more British point of view on this topic. :)

Also, I'm struggling to find craft supplies online. I managed to find a few outlets selling the Mulberry paper (the slightly fuzzy-edges stuff) and the plain pearly A6 cards, but dark purple paper and paper flowers seem harder to come buy. Can anyone recommend a few good online paper craft retailers please? :)


EDIT: I found this paper online and may be changing my whole invite design based upon its pure distilled awesomeness! Watch this space. ^_^
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