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Bridal SOS!

I hope this Post is allowed as I realise it is somewhat scatty and unfocused (which, you'll see as you read, is the issue!).

My problem is this;

I'm currently training to be a Paramedic, I started off volunteering about 6 months ago and since then my entire life has been this huge whirlwind of exams, lectures, rig-shifts (ambulance shifts) and medic duties. I work full time, do overnight 12 hour rig-shifts and it seems like almost every hour of my life is filled with this stuff. I love it but it is my entire life at the moment.

My Wedding is on the 27th March 2009 and I have two of the biggest exams of my life right before and right after the big day. The exams that I'm doing are brand new, trial exams, they've never been done before and I was shortlisted to be in the first group to do them. It's a lot of pressure and a huge deal; I beat out over 300 people to get a place on the courses and CANNOT fail. If I postpone them I lose my place on the course and will have to wait TWO YEARS to be able to reapply. Not to mention the number of people I'd be letting down.

So, as you can see, I have the biggest opportunity of my life right smack in the middle of the biggest DAY of my life!

I'll be completely honest with you - I'm drowning. I am rapidly approaching D-Day and have lost ALL grip on everything. I'm desperate for some help and guidance please!

I've sorted (at least in part):-

  • My dress
  • My BM's dresses
  • The Reception Venue
  • The Church
  • Flowers


I know lots of you will be horrified at this and it probably comes across as apathy, I can assure you all I love The Boy deeply and cannot wait to be his Wife but I am floundering!

I do have some people who can help but I've got to the point where the "big picture" i.e. all I've got to sort out/do is scaring the heck out of me and I can't see past the immensity of it all to focus on manageable chunks.

Can any of you help in anyway? I'd be SO grateful for anything, ideas, hints, lists, tips, anything you can think of to help me break down what I've got to do, delegate etc, etc.

Obviously I'll accept the unwritten but completely valid "Why the heck didn't you get all this sorted before you daft woman" comments ;-) I just HAD the time and then all of a sudden DIDN'T! Just call me Ostrich-Girl! ;-)

Thank you all SO, SO much in advance.

Lessal x

P.S. x-posted everywhere, sorry


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