Lucy (kisobel) wrote in uk_weddings,

Honeymoon wedding list

I wanted to ask this question specifically to UK brides because in the US it seems to be much more common.

How many of you are asking for donations to the honeymoon fund instead of a traditional wedding list?  If you've already done this, what were people's reactions?  If you wouldn't do this, why not?

It's for the usual reasons that we're considering this - we've lived together a while, we have far too much 'stuff' already, but we don't have any spare cash for our honeymoon and it would be a far more meaningful gift for us.  Our dream is to go to the Norwegian fjords and the Arctic Circle, see the northern lights hopefully and go sledging with huskies.

Secondly, has anyone had any experience of using  It seems like a much better idea than most honeymoon registries - no commission, they don't store your money, plus you break your trip down into smaller items so that people feel like they're giving you a proper gift rather than just cash.  Are there any other sites you'd recommend?  We don't want to use Thomas Cook or another travel agent because we'd rather put our package together ourselves.

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