Lucy (kisobel) wrote in uk_weddings,

Wedding insurance

According to The Knot and various other wedding planning websites, I should be taking out insurance right about now.  What do you guys think?  Did you take out insurance, and if so which company did you go with and how much did you pay?  I've been looking for comparison type websites but they don't seem to exist for wedding insurance.  Also any recommendations or never-go-with-X type feedback?

Btw if it makes a difference our wedding is costing about £12k overall with half of that going on our venue and catering.

Thanks in advance!
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we used M&S in 2006, hubby can't recall exact cost but wasn't much. Our wedding cost about £7k
I've been wondering about insurance too. We're only aiming to spend 2-3k though.
I didn't take any (got married last saturday)

the only thing that went wrong was the rain and fog and no insurance could have helped with that
Congratulations on being married!

The only thing I can tell you is it will be SUCH a relief on the day... when everything is done and that's it!

even the rain was, well, bearable...

There is a saying in Portugal that says "wet wedding, blessed wedding" so we are VERY blessed
I didn't bother...

Minaly because I live in Qatar in the Middle East, and planned my wedding from here although I got wed in the UK. We flew back a week before the wedding, and basically nobody would insure us. I don't think it's worth it to be honest, although the wedding is costing 12k, if you cancelled now, how much have you paid out and would actually lose?

I dunno, I guess I'm a risk taker haha!

FYI: We got wed last December.
I am going to be buying some in September when my registrar confirms our wedding date, just in case anything goes hideously wrong.

From what I've found M&S comes out the cheapest starting from £59.
We made our mind up to get some and went with E&L for £26! Just so you know when you come to get it, you can get it cheaper than M&S! Depends on the level of cover you need, but the basic was plenty for us.